Operation Highjump

operation highjump

Science and Conspiracy talk: Operation Highjump Podcast Show Notes Operation Highjump was a military mission conducted by the United States in Antarctica in 1946-47, led by Admiral Richard Byrd. The operation involved the deployment of a large fleet of aircraft and ships to explore and map the largely uncharted continent, as well as to conduct … Read more

COVID-19 Origins

COVID-19 Origins

Science and Conspiracy talk: COVID-19 Origins Podcast Show Notes Today, March 11, 2023 marks the third anniversary of the WHO declaring COVID-19 a global pandemic. We know the impact that this particular coronavirus has had on the world, but questions still remain as to its actual origin. Was it, as Conspiracy discusses, leaked from a … Read more

BREAKING: The latest on the UFO Invasion

BREAKING: The latest on the UFO Invasion

Science and Conspiracy talk: BREAKING: The latest on the UFO Invasion Podcast Show Notes What is happening in our skies? Is it an alien invasion? If it isn’t aliens then what? China, Russia, North Korea perhaps. Timeline Unidentified Object is spotted over Montana later determined to be a Chinese Spy Balloon and shot down off … Read more

The Rise of A.I.

Ai conspiracy

Science and Conspiracy talk: The Rise of A.I. Podcast Show Notes The Shocking Risks of AI Image Generation: How Artificial Intelligence Can Go Wrong Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly advancing technology with many practical applications, but it also carries with it a number of risks. One of the most worrying is the potential for … Read more

Revealing the High Cost of Post-COVID Inflation

The great reset

Science and Conspiracy talk: Revealing the High Cost of Post-COVID Inflation Podcast Show Notes Conspiracy Inflation. Everyone’s talking about inflation. Everything costs more food, gas, clothes. But has it all been designed this way? Bruce McCarthy. Pull up a chair and open your mind. Today, science versus conspiracy. We’ll be discussing inflation and the consequences … Read more