Jen Goes Crossing Border from Canada to USA by Car 2023 | & Nightmares

Jen & bOB Life:

Vlog Show Notes

Jen goes on an adventure! On the way to the US mailbox to pick up some of our coffees and a new bandana for Teddy. She also talks about her life as a singer(?!) and nightmares.

This puppy bandana (not technically shown in this video) was Paw-Tron from: he Sav Pup Co: Use code TINYTED for 15% off any purchase!

The coffees I was picking up were:

  • Grounds for Hounds Coffee - support dogs in the US (not an affiliate)
  • DRIFTAWAY COFFEE: Driftaway Coffee is eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, and gives bean for bean support for small farmers. 3 months coffee subscription for only $54! (affiliate link)
  • ELECTRIC CITY ROASTING Get 25% OFF sitewide at Electric City Roasting Coffee! Be sure to use our CODE: ELECTRIC25 to get the discount on coffees such as Boom Roasted! and Roast Level Midnight! (affiliate link)

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