Jen and bOB Life
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Jen and bOB Life

Canadian family hoping to move to California - daily life vlog

We're a family of 3 (plus our dog), and our life goal is to move to California (yes, in our late 40s!). Right now, we live and work in BC, Canada, so we're vlogging our journey. Along the way, we're vlogging

  • • our daily family life,
  • • our Jeep obsessions,
  • • our dog and his health problems,
  • • bOB's photography passion,
  • • Jen's mental health work,
  • • and so much more.

Stick around and see if we ever make it to California!

Fair warning - we're super goofy and more than a little cheesy and nerdy, so there will be a lot of laughs along the way.