Psychic Abilities in Animals \\ Bobbie the Wonder Dog with guest Richard Sugg

Science and Conspiracy talk:
Psychic Abilities in Animals, Bobbie the Wonder Dog
with guest Richard Sugg

Podcast Show Notes

Animals have always fascinated us with their unique abilities and instincts. From their incredible senses to their uncanny intuition, it's no wonder that many believe animals possess psychic powers. In this podcast, we explore the fascinating world of psychic abilities in animals, with a special focus on the legendary Bobbie the Wonder Dog. Join us on this captivating journey as we delve into the extraordinary experiences of Bobbie and other animals that have left us in awe.

Brew some coffee pull up a chair and open your mind, today on science vs. Conspiracy over coffee our guest is an accomplished author and researcher. He holds a PhD in English Literature, and was an Academic fellow at the University of Durham and also has lectured at University of Durham and Cardiff University, Welcome Richard Sugg to the show.

About Richard Sugg
Richard Sugg previously lectured in English & Cultural History at the universities of Cardiff & Durham, and hold a PhD from the University of Southampton (2001). His work has appeared on TV, and in The Guardian, New Yorker & Der Spiegel.

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